Playing With Fire…

GrillingThere’s a great group of people here at the farm. They’re all WOOFing for different reasons. Of course, Tara and I are the oldest! We’ve had a lot of fun so far with everyone. We have family meals every night. Since I’m skilled in the kitchen they look to me for dinner ideas and to cook them dinner. Everyone helps out which is nice.


Last night I decided to play with fire and cook up a great American classic…burgers with corn on the cob. It was the first time I had meat since I got here. I’ve only been eating fresh veggies and surprisingly, I don’t really miss it. These burgers were a treat as I'm sure I won't eat meat again for awhile. I went out to the farm and picked beautiful tomatoes, oregano and thyme to roast and serve with the burgers. There was no gas for the grill but no worries, I made a grill. I placed the grill plates over a pit fire we have in front of our living area just outside the kitchen. I got some wood, started a fire and got cooking!

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