On The Road Again…Southbound

On the Road AgainTara and I have a new member to our little traveling family of 2, Noel, the kiwi from Tauroa Farm has joined us in our adventure. How lucky are we? We have a kiwi traveling with us - our own personal guide! He’s originally from the North Island and has been to the South Island a few times. We are traveling in Noel’s car. It’s an 87’ white Ford Sierra (hatchback). This poor car is filled to the rim with our backpacks, a tent, 2 mattress’s, sleeping bags, a few pots and pans, a guitar, my iPod with shitty speakers (yup, no radio/CD player in the car – it seems to be the norm for all cars in NZ) and a few other random things. Let’s just say we are chancing it by taking his car all the way to the south island. I hope she makes it. Her name is Cecilia and she’s been good to us so far.

It’s about a 5 hr drive from Havelock to Wellington.Wellington is a major transport hub: anyone going from one NZ island to the other (by sea) passes through here. Cecilia will be boarding with us on a ferry to the South Island but first we will camp out for the night in Wellington. We are headed to the northern part of the South Island also known as wine country. I’m VERY excited. I can’t wait to be working on a vineyard and the timing couldn’t be more perfect – harvest season is around the corner! Not sure which lucky vineyard we will be working at as I’m still working on landing one but I have a few in the pipeline and waiting to hear back so for now check out a few pictures from my stay at Tauroa Farm in Havelock, NZ...

Pics from the road >> Click Here

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