Aroma Therapy

ConcertWe left Seresin Estate (was sad to leave as I fell in love with the place but must move on to bigger and better) and have been traveling south on the West Coast of the South Island for the last 5 days. Made some stops and saw some spectacular views. The West Coast is where it's at...breathtaking and so different from the North Island. I will post about my travels as soon as I can with pictures. We arrived at our new home last night so I need to catch up with myself (simple things like take a hot shower since I've been on the road and basically living out of a car for the last 5 days - the smell coming out of Cecilia is raw. 3 smelly people and all of our shit stuffed in that poor car - not a nice aroma and yes, she's still purring like a kitten. she got us all the way to Wanaka where I'm at now. she's been good to us.) so for now check out these pictures from my Seresin stay in Blenheim (some pix from a Katchafire concert in Nelson too) and a trip to Kaikoura where I was up close and personal with some seals.

For more pics >> Click Here and Here

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