Lake Wanaka

Monica at Lake Wanaka

WOW. It’s beautiful. The color of the lake is a blue I can’t quite describe. I created my own color and called it zeal blue. Parallel to Lake Wanaka is its twin lake called Lake Hawea. These 2 lakes are the largest in NZ and they have some of the best trout fishing here. My dinner is definitely swimming in those lakes. I’ve always wanted to go fly fishing. This is the place to do it. I also want to paraglide (b/c I'm too chicken to skydrive but it's not out of the cards for me) so that’s on my list of things to do while I’m here.

Lake Wanaka 1

Lake Wanaka 2

We arrived to our new woofing home. I say “home” because this is the first kiwi family we are staying with. All the other farms were larger scale with many more wwoofers. This will be a nice change. Willie is an artist and her husband Bas is a sick musician but runs his own company selling tools to contractors. They welcomed us into their home with a bottle of wine. I've gotten sweet guitar lessons, which I'm super stoked about. They've made us feel right at home…the kiwi way.

So far we’ve helped Willie set up her “chef’s garden” which requires a lot of work. We had to pull everything out because she’s rotating all her crops and setting it up for the winter. We got to plant trees, which was very gratifying and do a little landscaping. She has a lot of land here so there’s plenty of work for us…speaking of which I’m heading out now to plant a few trees...

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