Goat Tour 2011…it’s kinda like being in a rock band.

Goat Tour With Stephanie Izard

Let the music play. I will be joining a kick ass team as a traveling sous chef for the talented Stephanie Izard this fall. She’s releasing her first cookbook Girl in the Kitchen and we’re set for an interesting jam-packed book tour. Follow me as we cook our way through 16 (and counting? I believe we started with 12) exciting cities throughout the land. It’s going to take a lot of work and energy but fun as hell to say the least. Our first order of business is the book launch party on Oct 5th…wait, that’s tonight! We are expecting 400 guests and some amazing chefs. Check out the heavy hitters participating…
  • Chris Pandel: Balena, The Bristol
  • Paul Virant -Vie: Perennial Virant
  • Charlie McKenna: Lillie’s Q
  • Rick Gresh: Primehouse
  • Koren Grieveson: avec
  • Roger Herring: Socca
  • Rusty Hamlin: Zac Brown Band
  • Giuseppe Tentori: BOKA, GT Fish & Oyster
  • Dale Levitski: Sprout
  • Gilbert Langlois: Chalkboard
  • Jared van Camp: Old Town Social
  • Jesse Oloroso: Black Dog Gelato
  • Sarah Levy: Sarah’s Candies
Nice way to kick things off, I have to say. Can’t go wrong with a room full of food, booze and music. I will post about the shindig after the storm hits. There will be book signings with Stephanie in each city we invade. We will team up with some kick ass local chefs to create amazing dinners. Tune in for upcoming events. We may be in your town next. Our first stop Scottsdale, AZ!
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