A Window of Culture in da’ Bahamas

Marc with Boerewors sausage

I was in the Bahamas recently and was able to attend the Cultural Festival. It’s pretty cool to see how many other cultures exist in the Bahamas. It’s like a big melting pot. They have this festival every year and it offers food from all over the world. South Africa, Greece, Mexico, Asia, just to name a few. It’s a neat way to eat the foods from different parts of the world right on the island. Everyone was so proud. After all, food is culture and people are proud about where they are from. Food is a neat little window into someone else’s world. It’s a chance to view and experience a culture in one little bite. A friend of mine, Marc (featured in the picture), who’s South African and lives in the Bahamas makes this delicious sausage called boerewors and biltong (which is a beef jerky) both absolutely delicious and my favorite from the event. They even imported South African beer that paired perfect with the sausage. I definitely spent a lot of time at their tent. Another one of my favorites, which is local to the Bahamas, is Sky Juice. It’s a drink mixed with gin, coconut juice, condensed milk and spices. It might sound heavy but it’s not. If made right it’s light and refreshing, perfect for Caribbean weather. It’s a sneaky little drink because it tastes so good and you suck 'em down like air. The next thing you know your on your ass looking up at the sky…hence sky juice. I LOVE this drink! It’s a Bahamian favorite of mine. For pictures click here

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