Strawberry fields forever…

We kicked off the Stonefire Chef Tour in Oxnard, CA at the Strawberry Festival. I had a lot of fun with the crowd. People just love naan and the easy uses so I’m getting great feedback. My days are long as I have to present many times throughout the day but as long as I have a good and interested crowd I’ll feed off their energy. Thanks to all the amazing people who stopped by my Stonefire demo, especially the 14 month old happily eating naan.

So yes, aside from our delicious naan, there were all things strawberry at this event. Driving to the event we passed fields and fields of these little delicious gems. From strawberry beer to strawberry popcorn to strawberry nachos and even deep-fried strawberries (which were delicious!) I saw lots of people with mysterious red stains on their shirts and chins…hmmm, I wonder from what?

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