ABC Chicago cooking segment


Check it out. Had fun doing this segment for Stonefire.  Read More

and your live…


Let me tell tv is nerve-wracking but fun! I did a live cooking segment for Stonefire in LA on the local CBS channel a few weeks ago. I was promoting the Stonefire Chef Tour and the easy uses of naan. As the host of this tour it enables me to interact with all walks of life. It's been interesting but I think these anchors take the cake! Click here to check out my segment  Read More

Strawberry fields forever…


We kicked off the Stonefire Chef Tour in Oxnard, CA at the Strawberry Festival. I had a lot of fun with the crowd. People just love naan and the easy uses so I’m getting great feedback. My days are long as I have to present many times throughout the day but as long as I have a good and interested crowd I’ll feed off their energy. Thanks to all the amazing people who stopped by my Stonefire demo, especially the 14 month old happily eating naan.... Read More

Stonefire Chef Tour

Stonefire Logo

I’m off to LA to start the Stonefire Chef Tour! I will be traveling across the country as the Stonefire Chef hitting up major food events along the way. The tour starts in LA then we hit Chicago for some great festivals and then make our way over to the big apple. I will be doing cooking demo's showcasing the easy uses of naan. Stonefire is known for its authentic flatbreads and if you haven't tried it you're missing out. My first stop is Oxnard,... Read More

James Beard House

James Beard House

I had the privilege to head to NYC and help Chef Giuseppe Tentori, Carl Shelton and pastry chef Sarah Jordan for a James Beard Dinner. The JBH is a very interesting place with a lot of history. It's not would you would think being James Beard which is why I love this place. It's surprisingly small and quaint. But the amount of talented chefs that have walked through this kitchen is huge. Awards have been given to the best of the best here so being... Read More